Osprey Global Solutions, LLC is an ITARS/FFL compliant armament company that is based in Wilmington, North Carolina and founded by BG(R) David L. Grange (USA, Ret.).

Osprey helps develop, test, and market weapons systems and accessories designed to cater to the unique demands of the military, advanced law enforcement personnel, and civilians who demand excellence, precision and innovation to accomplish their tasks.

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LRRP Edition CAR-15

Osprey Global Solutions has designed a rifle modeled after the rifle carried by LRRP teams in Vietnam. The LRRP Edition is available in 5.56. Each weapon will be engraved with the “LRRP Edition by Osprey” logo and numbered 001-101.


  • AR15 11.5″ W/ 5.5″ FH Barrel
  • Detachable Carry Handle/Rear Sight
  • 5” Flash Hider
  • 15 1/8” Gas Tube
  • CAR Adjustable Aluminum Stock
  • Match Trigger
  • Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group
CQB Tool

Spartan Blades are available through

Osprey Global Solutions, to include the Ranger Edition series.

Ares Knife

Osprey Combat

Osprey Combat Final Logo

Osprey Combat, LLC was established to conduct research, development, testing, and experiments (RDTE) for armament items: weapons, ammunition, suppressors, optics, weapon accessories, body armor, armored vehicles, ballistic building materials, targetry, and training for combat and law enforcement enhancements.The company is co-located with Osprey Global Solutions, LLC, located in Wilmington, NC and conducts the majority of its RDTE activity on the Osprey Range in Council, NC.

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