Osprey Global Solutions provides selected Products for military Global Response Forces, large global event security and response needs, Homeland Security, law enforcement, environmentally challenging projects and Disaster Response around the world.

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  • 8x8x20 Sea-Land sized container
  • Opens to 8x28x20 unit
  • Self contained kitchen & Bathroom
  • Generator & Heat / Air Condition Capable
  • Command Center, Medical Facility, Personal Shelter Models (or tailored for end-user)

RDU Specs:

  • Totally enclosed 20’ special purpose intermodal container
  • Length: 19’ 10.5” Width: 8’ Height: 8’
  • Transport by marine, rail, highway and air while meeting all ISO requirements
  • Under coated and fitted with a gooseneck tunnel, shoring slots/internal restraint devices
  • Corrugated Corten steel and ASTM 242, A588 material
  • Generator is a Cummins Onan QD 5000 HDKBc/2861 60 HZ, 5000W, 120/220 Voltage, 41.7 AMPS, 1Phase, Diesel
  • HVAC Model #PBE123E3588, 230/208 Voltage, 5.6/6.0 Amps, 1,200/1. 160W, 11800/11,400 BTUH
  • 25 psi foamular rigid insulations up to 2” in thickness
  • Roof panels are self mating panels made of extruded aluminum with 2” 25 psi foamular rigid insulation inserted with spray liner finish. Interior restraint devices.
  • Roof panels stack on the interior of the container
  • Gross Weight 12,000lbs

Variety of Uses

  • Disaster support
  • Temporary housing/shelter
  • Medical/ Hospital unit
  • Command/Control Center

Contact us at 910-769-1073 for more information on the Rapid Deployability Unit.

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Ecoraster OGS Office


EcoRaster is a tough, durable, interlocking system designed to provide turf protection, ground stabilization, and erosion control. Manufactured from, 100% recycled plastic and providing superior water drainage, this revolutionary system provides an economical and environmentally sustainable alternative to asphalt or paving. For more on EcoRaster, visit Osprey Products homepage.

Unbeatable benefits and features

-Quick and easy to install

-Extremely lightweight

-High Strength

-Patented safety interlocking system

-Surface reinforcement with naturel drainage

-Extremely versatile- curved wedges, slope angles, car parkers

-Minimal maintenance

-Non-slip and crack proof

-Weatherproof and environmentally friendly

-Withstand frost and UV radiation

-Cut to size

-Does not expand


ECORASTER® Bloxx – The New Block Paver for fast installation of permeable ground reinforcement with concrete pave design.

Fast, creative and flexible design!
Unpack, snap together and drop the blocks in, no need to fill the gaps!
Snaps together effectively in seconds
100% recycled Polyethylene, long lasting and robust!
High infiltration rate – thermal expansion is compensated by the expansion elements

Osprey Products

For more information on ECORASTER and other Osprey Products, click here.


BallistiClot/UltraClot is a patented and FDA cleared homeostatic technology that represents a revolutionary solution to hemorrhage control. UltraClot®’s unique formulation increases the absorption rate and capacity of the homeostatic gauze, wicking excess blood from the wound site while accelerating clot formation. This technology platform provides specific products designed to control severe bleeding under the most adverse conditions. Click here for additional information.

Ballisticlot is the inject-able form of the formulation which controls severe hemorrhage in narrow entry/exit wounds even with indirect wound tracks.

UltraClot OTC controls bleeding in people taking blood thinners.

UltraClot/BallistiClot has been proven safe. The primary active ingredient is beneficiated hectorite clay, which is a clay mineral similar to montmorillonite but with more negative charges on its surface. It is also Hydrophilic swelling clay composed of silicate sheets which delaminate in water to provide an open three dimensional structure to eliminate any possibility of occlusion or thrombosis. It is even used as a drug delivery vehicle for controlled release of therapeutic agents injected into highly vascular tumors.

6th wave


The core of 6th Wave’s explosive detection technology is a patented detection method based on molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs).  This nano-technology is capable of selectively sensing microscopic amounts of explosives or other molecules that are dangerous for humans and the environment, e.g. toxins, chemical agents, biological agents, pesticides, poisons, and explosives.

6th Wave Explosive Detection Wipes and Sprays have been specially formulated to provide rapid detection of explosives and provide a simple colorimetric indicator for the user.


  • Work on a wide variety of explosives, precursors, and multi-agent explosives
  • Detect trace and bulk amounts of substance
  • Detect commercial and homemade explosives
  • Collect and retain explosives particles for forensic analysis
  • Work complementary to electronic systems
  • Can use on all surfaces, including hands, plastics, fabrics, metal, etc.
  • Can use anywhere, anytime without machinery, power, maintenance, or calibration.
  • Can customize to meet specific customer needs
  • Easy to use, reliable and convenient with minimal training
  • Non-toxic


Osprey Global Solutions provides customized weapons solutions for government and commercial markets, to include approved foreign entities

  • Osprey Range Day demonstrations and hands-on use
  • Provides customized ammunition from partners on demand
  • Market realistic range target options, ancillary armament equipment

Check out the Osprey Store for more armament products.

See the 2016 TAT3D Catalog for information on all TAT3D products available at Osprey Global Solutions and the 2016 TAT3D Price List with costs for all products.

TAT3D Targets
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