• Experience effective tactical training available for units, teams and individuals at Osprey Training Center, or request a mobile training team to the location of your choice.
  • Identify, mitigate, and respond to coercive threats, in order to assist clients in implementing proactive security measures that negate criminals and nefarious organizations from achieving a violent end state.
  • Assist in the security planning and operations support.
  • Evaluate potential threats, provide pro-active security solutions, monitor activity, and react to crisis situations that better ensure the safety of our clients and their personnel.
  • Provide personal security detail and movement of precious cargo.
  • Risk and threat analysis and mitigation management.
  • Protective security management of individuals, commercial companies, and government entities.
  • Counterinsurgency and Counterterrorism training and advisory services.
  • Major event assessments and management.
  • Provide investigative and forensic support.
  • Crisis management, rapid response and resolution.
  • Provide security at construction sites utilizing US and/or Host National (HN) security specialists and technology.
  • Develop security criteria for selected accommodations, venues, means of transport and routes.

Osprey’s partnerships provide us with the “bench strength” we need to provide a broad range of security and training capabilities and capacity. These partnerships are proven through periodic capability exercises and combined service to our clients.

Osprey is a small company but has exponential service and products due to the extraordinary associates involved.

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Enhanced training for Military, Law Enforcement, and select civilian groups with  Osprey Cadre-The Osprey Training Center is augmented with Special Edition weapon offerings, ammunition and select tactical equipment tailored to user demands.

Osprey’s Training Center is built around our range with a primary purpose of RDTE (Research, Development, Test and Evaluation) focused on small groups of clients and our partners.

Products and services are demonstrated with hands-on opportunities for our guests allowing proof of concept, and confidence in what Osprey and our partners offer for global response and sustainment.

Training at the facility includes weaponry, close quarter battle tactics and procedures, combat casualty care, land/water/air infiltration, forensics application, communications testing, canine counter IED, stress application and recovery, and virtual/simunition/live-fire training vehicles.


We provide subject matter experts with command experience at the Troop, Squadron, A-team, Boat Team, and other senior levels up through division command.   Our instructors have designed, built, and successfully executed pre-mission training programs for Joint Special Operations, United States Army Special Operations, Allied Nations, and other federal agencies.


Our cadre are both trainers and operators, allowing currency to our instruction. Training is provided both in the USA and abroad.


The “Executive Warrior Leadership” Course is 36 hours of intense training tailored for todays Executive, compressed within a 60-hour deployment to Wilmington, North Carolina.  For more information on this course, click here.


Executive Warrior Leadership training will include:

  • Advanced and high-stress shooting skills
  • Combative training and physical conditioning
  • Trauma/Tension Release Exercises and Enhanced Intuitive Perception
  • Emergency medical care for you and your family
  • In and out of the home readiness and protection
  • Travel safety, awareness and security
  • High-risk situational training- “how to survive the first minute” and more
  • Developing “The Warrior Within” for the 21st Century

Executives will be instructed by former Army Counter-Terrorism Warriors, Navy SEALS, Green berets, Army Ranger, Police SWAT Officers, DEA Agents, Undercover Detectives, Government Agency Operatives, Neuro-Physiology and Behavioral Health Trainers, Intuitive Perception Experts and Paramedics.


Primarily a Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation Range used by government organizations and private groups.
The Osprey Training Center provides cutting-edge, modular, and fully integrated training solutions that prepare your personnel for engaging a variety of threats with basic through advanced skills to optimize what is possible.

Range Capabilities:

  • 25 Meter Pistol Range with 14 Firing Lines
  • 100 Meter Flat Range with 8 Firing Lines
  • 100 Meter Multi-purpose Range
  • 7 Station Stress Shooting Obstacle Course, to include:
    • 21’ Tower with zip-line and rappel with Live-fire window entry and cargo-net accent
    • 10’ Shooting Wall
    • Vertical Wall, weaver, low crawl and tunnel obstacles
  • 580 sq. ft. Shoot House built by Amidon (4 Rooms)
    • Amidon proprietary patent
    • Capable of withstanding up to .50 cal. Ammunition
    • 4 connected rooms, with 1 capable of being employed with Troysgate reflective technology.
  • Training façade for door-breaching and Basic CQB
  • Troysgate reflective live-fire training theater
  • Long-distance shooting capabilities with platforms/towers at 200m, 300m, 600m, 800m, and 1300m.
  • Certified 2100 ft. landing strip with Drop Zone
  • Two 12-person classrooms
  • 20 person classroom
  • MILO Indoor Training Range (Virtual Training Simulator)
  • Indigenous Village for Operational Support

**The Osprey Range can support AEWD/ARL IV Capability Requirements for K2’s partners RDTE test and evaluations**

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