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Osprey Global Solutions will pursue the perpetual advantage of our partners through excellence in leadership that inspires innovative solutions to complex tasks.

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Osprey Global Solutions LLC, a SDVO, delivers global, full-spectrum medical, construction, security, training, armament services, and products differentiated by leadership that inspires fully integrated solutions to complex tasks.



 OGS provides an adaptive, enterprise model for oversight of a team of experienced professionals, multiplying organic capabilities and capacity through a network of partnerships with both the private and public sectors, operating in benign through hostile environments focused on operational resilience posturing clients for perpetual advantage.



Osprey Global Solutions is led and staffed by former Military Special Operations, Law Enforcement Personnel and Business Professionals with experience as:

  • Special Forces

  • Rangers

  • SMU

  • Special Operations Doctors

  • Special Operations Aviators

  • CBRN Specialists

  • Secret Service

  • Marshall Service

  • FBI

  • SWAT

  • Engineers/Counter IED Specialists

  • Investigators

  • Forensic Specialists

  • Intel Analysts

These on-call operators.  Personnel requirements are tailored to specific customer and partner needs.