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Security and Risk Assessment

Osprey Global Solutions specializes in identifying, mitigating, and responding to coercive threats in order to assist clients in implementing proactive security measures that negate criminals and nefarious organizations from achieving a violent outcome. 



Our security professionals will evaluate and report on all potential threats, and provide planning consultation to you and your team.


Whether for your person, your property, or your business or government assets, Osprey provides the management, logistics, and manpower to stop active threats.



Our staff provide risk reports and assessments, as well as offer classes to train your team to effectively avoid and respond to threats.

Proactive Security

Osprey Global Solutions retains security experts for consulting services by request. These individuals have years of experience in both public and private sector security, and have developed their skills while in the service of agencies such as the US Department of Defense, Department of State, Secret Service, and various law enforcement agencies. Security consulting can be provided for government or business facilities, private residences or assets, maritime operations, sports and entertainment venues, and other foreign business or industrial operations. Our consultants will travel to the asset and provide a complete analysis of the site. Their findings and suggestions will be documented in a final report, which will be provided to you or your organization.

Customized Protection

Regardless of the asset, Osprey Global Solutions offers the manpower and equipment to deny malicious acts and provide peace of mind. Our protection packages include initial sweeps and observation, but are centered around the presence of our trained, experienced security professionals. Whether your needs include a large perimeter security force or a small escort, OGS can provide a group tailored to the specific asset and environment.

For long-term asset hardening, our staff will meet with you and formulate a complete plan to match the level of security you desire. Past projects have involved items such as safe rooms, perimeter and approach monitoring systems, communication packages, etc. In conjunction with a full-time security force, you will have a full-scale system in place to deny a wide range of threats.

Osprey Global Solutions provides physical security and target hardening services for the following:

  • Office Buildings and Plants 

  • Government and Private Installations

  • Medical Facilities

  • Outposts and Expeditionary Camps

  • Maritime Industries

  • Residences and Vacation Homes

  • Individual Protection

  • Nanny and Caretakers

  • Private Vessels

  • Vehicles and Transportation

Threat Education

Osprey Global Solutions offers our clients up-to-date threat level reports by request. These reports are compiled using local and semi-local contacts, as well as information made publicly available by government and NGO sources. Each report includes local criminal and terrorist threat levels, dangerous or risky areas to avoid, Embassy and Consulate locations, emergency services contacts, and other useful information. 

Traveling abroad for business or pleasure? We'll compile a detailed security report for each leg of your trip. Considering entering a market penetration strategy in an unfamiliar locale? We'll inform you of all local threats, both physical and economic.

For all group excursions abroad, we also recommend the Secure Travel Seminar.

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