Medical and Humanitarian Operations

At Osprey Global Solutions we...​

  • Support clinical trials and laboratory operations in remote areas.

  • Use Rapid deployment to reach challenging locations in need of immediate medical aid and operational support.

  • Provide general medicine and trauma services.

  • Develop relationships with local physicians and governments to provide sustained care and set up clinical trials in emerging markets.

Additional Medical Products

PNMedical Breather

BiOOX Air Cleaners

  • Build temporary medical facilities

  • Optimized telemedicine communications, patient monitors, ultra-sound capabilities, portable O2 concentrators, surgical sets, trauma units, ventilators, diagnostics, portable X-Rays, blood-typing, and power generation with our expeditionary units/facilities.

Our Rapidly Deployable Unit (RDU) system, an 8x28x20 unit that can be transported as an 8x8x20 shipping container. Units include a self-contained kitchen and bathroom, and are HVAC capable

RDUs can be used for disaster support, temporary housing and shelter, medical/hospital units, or as command and control centers.