Due to the increase in domestic and geopolitical uncertainty, Osprey Global Solutions, LLC, has meticulously crafted a course geared for executives/ leaders to build resiliency, teamwork and preparedness against possible threats to themselves and family. We have built an expert team composed of members/ former members of military special operations units, law enforcement, human performance specialists, cognitive/ mental health specialists, and other leaders in their fields. In the two day course, participants will be pushed mentally and physically in an extensive curriculum which will include firearms, medical, situational awareness, self defense, and further training which will prepare them for most threats they may encounter. Once at site, all food, lodging and transportation is included in the course, and the course can be tailored to best fit your team. 


    With organizations being separated physically for work due to COVID-19, the Executive Warrior Course is a great way to bring the team back together and maintain cohesiveness while also ensuring preparedness. We have recently completed a course (shown in the video below) which included executives from companies across the country, and received great feedback from their experience. For the optimum cost, 20 participants broken into 4 five man teams is ideal.


For more information or to sign your team up for the next available course please contact