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Individual Instruction


Want to hone your combative and shooting skills while advancing at your own speed? Would you like to introduce a friend or family member to the sport of shooting under the guidance of a professional? Our individual classes will give you one-on-one hard skills training with one of our experienced instructors. From learning basic pistol shooting drills to landing those difficult long-distance shots from our 1300m tower, we can provide any level of training that you desire. We can also offer packages to complete certain qualification requirements, such as NRA Rifle or Pistol.

Pricing is dependent upon multiple factors, so call us today for your customized training package!


Group Classroom Instruction

Secure Travel Seminar

Whether you're sending a team abroad on a long term project, or flying with the family to an exotic vacation, all international travel poses a certain level of risk. To minimize this risk, Osprey offers our Secure Travel Seminar. This innovative class covers the personal security measures one should take while in airports, hotels, taxis, and while out in about in a foreign location, as well as all of the necessary precautions and preparations that should be made in advance. These seminars are taught by individuals with years of experience in personal protection and security for various US agencies.

This class is also ideal for students preparing for a semester abroad, as well as any group who enjoys traveling to adventurous locales. Want to use this course as pre-deployment training for your teams project? Osprey will provide customized risk reports for the specific area of interest. If necessary, Osprey can also formulate a location-specific, tiered emergency response plan. These plans shorten the decision making process when time is invaluable, and are based on our own ERPs.


Group Kinetic Instruction

Concealed Carry Handgun - Enhanced

We at Osprey believe that there is more to a CCH permit than simply carrying a gun. You must be prepared to use it. Our CCH - Enhanced class is focused on teaching complete handgun proficiency to those pursuing a North Carolina CCH permit. This class will educate you on the legal ramifications of concealing and using your weapon, put you through realistic scenarios using VIKN Troysgate and MILO Range technology, accustom you to drawing and firing your weapon from concealment or from a vehicle, and teach you other important defensive techniques.


The class begins on a Friday afternoon at our Wilmington, NC headquarters with an in-depth legal session and classroom instruction. This discussion covers all aspects required by the state of North Carolina, as well as case studies, situational demonstrations, and time for questions and answers. Students will also be educated on safety rules, firearm types, and shooting techniques.

Continuing on Saturday morning, the CCH-E class moves to our Council, NC Osprey Range facility, where students will practice on our flat pistol range to learn basic shooting skills. Following this basic instruction, students will graduate on to more advance shooting techniques, such as firing from draw, shooting around obstacles and corners, and engaging threats from a vehicle. Additionally, CCH-E students will have the opportunity to put their shooting skills and legal knowledge to the test in a number of MILO Range and Troysgate situations designed to test proficiency. 

Cost per student: $195.00

Weapon packages available for rent

*CCH-E Class only fulfills requirements for NC permits*

Call today for scheduling!

Executive Warrior

The “Executive Warrior” course is 24-hours of intense training tailored for today’s Executive, compressed within a 48-hour deployment to Wilmington, North Carolina.

Executive Warrior training includes:


  • Advanced high stress shooting skills

  • Combative Training and Physical Conditioning

  • Intuitive Perception

  • Emergency Medical Care for you and your family

  • In-and-out of the Home Readiness and Protection

  • Travel Safety, Awareness, and Security

  • Anti-Kidnapping and Hostage Survival

  • High-risk Situational Training-“how to survive the first minute”

  • Developing the “Warrior” within for the 21st Century

Training is conducted by former Army Counter-Terrorism Warriors, Navy SEALS, Green Berets, Army Rangers, Police SWAT Officers, DEA Agents, Undercover Detectives, Government Agency Operatives, and an expert team of Board Certified Physicians, Neuro-Physiology and Behavioral Health Trainers, Intuitive Perception Experts and Paramedics.

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