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Reduce Airborne Coronavirus Transmission With BioOx® Air Cleaning

At this time, the COVID-19 pandemic is raging throughout the world, and governments and the medical establishment are taking strong measures to prevent the spread of the virus.


Recent studies have shown coronavirus particles can remain airborne for 3 hours or longer, and on surfaces for 3 days. The World Health Organization (WHO) is alerting health workers to take additional airborne precautions.


The purpose of this document is to inform the medical establishment of the benefits BioOx air cleaning can bring. BioOx can capture and destroy viruses, and thus decrease transmission of coronavirus to health care workers. 

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BioOx® Air Cleaning Systems


BioOx® Air Cleaning Systems are miniature and portable bioreactors that can be placed anywhere to control odors, capture VOC's and particulates, and maintain a clean air environment.


The BioOx® Media are immobilized on the spiral support membrane (at center). The pump at the bottom brings water up, where it flows down the membrane, keeping the media moist.  The fan at the top promotes the convection process, beginning the creation of the clean air zone. Once the air pollution is captured, brought into the unit, and digested by the media, the clean air zone expands to cover a bigger and bigger area. 

Enhance Hospital Biosecurity


BioOx air cleaning units can add a powerful technology to further reduce the transmission of viruses and other pathogens within medical facilities. This additional air treatment, which could be placed in any room or area of a hospital, could help protect healthcare workers and patients at a time when they are most vulnerable.

Our most economical model, the 650, is smaller than a vending machine, and can effectively cover about 2000 square feet. It simply needs to be plugged in, have some water added to it, along with a bit of BioOx enzyme solution. It will immediately start cleaning the air and creating its Clean Air Zone.


Air & Water Solutions wants to work with medical facilities to make BioOx units economical, be it through a rental or purchase plan. Initially, the company will provide the units on a free trial. We will customize the configuration of our units to provide effective air cleaning and increased biosecurity, while keeping the cost as low as possible. We would welcome field testing of our units and will gladly assist in any study design process. 


•    free-standing

•    can be easily installed anywhere there is an          electrical outlet

•    affordable and come in multiple sizes

•    can be purchased or used on a rental basis

BioOx units 

BioOx® Model 85


Air enters the grill, passes through the spacing of the spiral cartridge inside, and exits at the fan.

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Water is distributed evenly from above the spiral biosupport, exposing contaminants to enzymes and continuously cleaning the sheet. Enzymes begin BioOxidation upon contact with water.

Non-digestible solids such as metal dust and fibers, are washed down to the bottom of the tank a self-cleaning mechanism.

As water flows into the tank, it captures contaminants by Bernoulli's Principle, in tiny bubbles, into the tank, where enzymes oxidize contaminants.

Electrically charged particles such as ultra fines rush to the biosupport because the biosupport and water are electrically grounded.

Cyclone action due to the spiral curves, natural diffusion, and turbulence cause contaminants to slam into the water and enzymes.

Osprey Medical Supplies

Is Pleased To Announce The Availablity Of The

BioOx Clean Air Systems

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