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The ATPC-SPEAR System is the culmination of 4 years of research and development with the U.S. Air Force – Special Operations Command (AFSOC). The ballistic shape used in the ATPC-SPEAR is based on the U.S. Special Operations SPEAR shaped ballistic panels. The SPEAR ballistic shape is a battleproven design that combines ballistic coverage and operator mobility, which are two phrases that normally oppose one another.

In addition to the many standard features of the ATPC-SPEAR, it can also be used with the KDH CORELOAD™ weight reduction system. The CORELOAD™ allows the weight of the vest to be moved from the shoulders to the hips similar to that of an alpine backpack. By using a padded MOLLE belt coupled with a semi-rigid spinal insert the CORELOAD™ distributes the weight of the vest affording the operator the sense of carrying a lesser load. The CORELOAD™ is the analogous solution to the question “which one is heavier, a pound of lead or a pound of foam?” One feels heavier than the other due to its concentrated surface area. With CORELOAD™, the overall weight of a tac vest is spread out across the strongest parts of the musculature thus creating a faster operating vest that fights fatigue while giving superb ballistic coverage.



  • Emergency cable
  • MOLLE webbing front & back
  • Hard armor, bottom loading plate pockets accommodating both standard and shooter’s cut plates
  • Adjustable shoulder straps with quick attach points
  • Low-profile robust drag handle
  • Opening/mounting location for optional CORELOAD™ weight distribution system
  • Side Cummerbund
    • Full wrap around style side cummerbund
    • 045 HDPE rigid plastic inserts to prevent sag
    • Optional gap armor panel
    • Adjustable/removable 4” wide elastic internal cummerbund
  • Ballistic Shoulder Pads
  • Foam and ballistic inserts inside of a spacer mesh pad to make this system one of the most comfortable systems on the market
  • Anti-Microbial spacer mesh provides both comfort and protection from bacteria
  • Protected by nGuard®: resistant to odor, microbes, fungi, mosquitos, bed bugs, color fading


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